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Ann Lauren, president of Bella Petite magazine. Fashion Entertainment & Lifestyle for Women 5' 5" & Under

Silva Dono has the most remarkable collection of high fashion as well as everyday wear for the woman that dresses with style. Please visit her boutique, Glamour Garden by Silva in Almelo, The Netherlands.

Anton Dono creates magic with hair. His hairstyles are simply amazing! Please visit his salon, Beauty Touch by Anton in Almelo, The Netherlands.

Ton Benedijczak, director of Virginlengths-Europe. Ton has a wonderful collection of hair extensions and other hair products! Please visit his website or his place of business in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Patrick Nellestijn, owner of N-Shop gifts&more Gifts with a history … Are you looking for a gift with a story?

Then, this is the place to be. We have trendy, fair-trade, durable and hand-made products.

Also, some of our products are made from recycled raw materials. Honest and unique products.

Our brandnames: LeJu, Goodforall, Juuuls, Wonderable, Ragbag, Boxo, Sacha Allen, Mingface and Hubbe.


Ur and Nora Al Basri, manager & producer at Vision Studio Europe. Ur and Nora have many great works of art and other designs that you should see. They are a Graphic Designer, Painter, Graphic Artist, 3D Graphic Designer,

Web Designer, Photographer, Editor, Motion Graphic Director and Trailer Editor.

Fatih Dubus owner of Mega barok offers a varied assortment of baroque furniture and accessories. In our web-shop you can order directly and provides information and an overview of our product range. This gives you a good idea of ​​what Mega Baroque can do for you. But of course we sell more. Your visit to our store will be a lasting memory. If you visit us in our store or visit us regularly via our web-shop you will find that we are frequently adding new products to our catalog. We are proud to say that Mega baroque furniture store size is 2000m2.

Colijn van Noort owner of Fotovannoort is a full-time professional photographer with professional photo studio in the center of the The Netherlands. Specialist areas including advertising product and corporate photography; portraits and reports. Fine-Art vakprint service for fellow professionals, including the special Canson Infinity paper. Photo Vann Oort is affiliated with the Association of professional photographers Netherlands, the Photographers Federation, National Beeldbank and foundation Burafo. Specialisations: advertising, studio and portrait photography and (company) reports. In addition, Colijn a specialist in the field of fine-art printing, art reproduction, digital restoration and conservation framing.



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