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John is the director of Glantz Media Productions. He was born February 5, 1966 in Gadsden, Alabama, USA.


After serving in the U.S. Air Force, John settled in Europe in search of a new career and lifestyle. He immediately took his place in the media world focusing mainly on his love for music and video working for Bose Corporation. After watching the 1944 film ‘Laura’ and the 1942 film 'Casablanca', he was intrigued by the manner in which the characters were lit. This led to research into the works and the techniques of photographer George Hurrell, which ultimately became his passion.


John began preparation for his new career by attending New York Institute of Photography specializing in portraiture. In addition, he acquired key insights through the teachings of head shot photographer Peter Hurley and authors Judith Weston and Dr. Paul Ekman


John likes to use his creativity to highlight the natural beauty and character of men and women through the use of expression which is often lost due to the overuse of modern day retouching and lack of model coaching. His work focuses primarily on the class, timelessness and elegance inspired by the works of the great portrait photographers of the Golden Age of Hollywood.


Today, John is a very diverse and passionate international celebrity, fashion, event and portrait photographer, cinematographer and media producer. Besides celebrities like Gary Sinise, Monique SluyterHarold Dückers, and Princess Inge Hazebrook, he has also photographed Hollywood actress Afifi M Alaouie and Bella Petite cover girl Lauren Carter, as well as Ann Lauren, president of Bella Petite magazine. It’s John’s goal to revive the beauty and elegance of Classic Hollywood Portraiture while offering his own creative touch to capture the character of an individual, holding the viewer's attention longer and provide greater impact in modern day advertising and personal portraiture.

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I have spent years refining the art of capturing moments through photography. It is more than a business, it is a passion. I can truly say I love what I do. A good photographer takes your picture... A great photographer captures your soul.


John Glantz,


Glantz Media Productions

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